Sunday, January 25, 2009

Introducing: Lonny

Photo: Patrick Cline for Lonny
For the past twelve months photographer Patrick Cline and I have been working on our latest collaboration, and tonight we couldn't be more thrilled to finally share it with you! I met Patrick in 2007 at the chintz shoot for domino magazine, and we have since partnered up as a photography and styling duo. Having lived in both London and New York, Patrick and I are constantly inspired by our surroundings and our photography is a reflection of the diversity we've encountered. From pristine beaches in the Hamptons to graffiti covered buildings in Brooklyn, we proudly introduce Lonny.

Photos: Patrick Cline for Lonny
Since I'm a fan of all things equestrian, the Lonny horse photos are some of my absolute favorites to frame. I have the three prints above in my apartment, and they feel very Jackie O and Kelly Klein inspired.Photo: William Waldron. Kelly Klein's living room as seen in Elle Decor via Habitually Chic

Image of Jackie in 1967 by unknown photographer © HORSE by Kelly Klein, Rizzoli New York, 2008. Via Style Court

Photo: Patrick Cline for Lonny
One of Patrick's favorites is titled Sea, and he recently framed it in his newly painted bedroom. He chose a chocolate brown paint by Ralph Lauren called Crosby for his walls, and the contrasting white frames with his photography look incredibly chic.

Photo: Patrick Cline for Lonny
Since I am a fan of contrast, I love the idea of pairing this photo with slightly stuffier decor. I imagine it in a thin black frame leaning on top of a vanity, surrounded by pretty glass perfume bottles and bowls of sparkling costume jewelry. Or perhaps in a small lucite frame on top of a stack of books ;) Below are some more Lonny prints I'd love to frame, followed by some of my favorite ways to display photography.

Photos: Patrick Cline for Lonny

Photo: Simon Upton for domino, sept 2008
Photo: John Demsey's bachelor pad as seen in Elle Decor via habitually chic

Vicente Wolf via absolutely beautiful things

Image via Liberty Post

Photo by Max Kim-Bee for domino, February 2009

photo: source unknown


Ursie B said...

Gorgeous photos. That first Kelly Klein room is TO DIE FOR. Love Love Love it!!!!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I'm so excited to finally see these images. They are so beautiful. You and Patrick make a great pair. There are so many shots I want. I need to start saving my pennies to make one a part of my collection.

I love the first shot with the feet. You had me right away!

Pink Wallpaper said...

how fun!! great photos and i can't wait to check out more!

AphroChic said...

Love it, love it, love it! I have been waiting for the whole story behind those yellow shoes. This is a great project, and you and patrick make a fantastic team. This is so exciting!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! love the one of jackie. ciao.

Meg said...

Congrats Michelle! What a wonderful and exciting adventure- it is clear that you and Patrick make a great team. The images are wonderful, I would have such a hard time choosing which photos to frame if I had access to all Patrick’s works!

Style Noir said...

Just lovely... Congrats!

Ivy Lane said...

You guys make a super duo! Love everything in this post..the sea picture is AMAZING!

simply seleta said...

What a an amazing team you make! Everything here is so stunning. Love your horses, makes me really miss those days of jumping gates and velvet riding hats. [sigh] Someday I'll get back in the game!

Love it all!

jenny said...

Congratulations, Michelle! The photos are beautiful :)

peter giglio said...

When you guys team up, magic happens.
Every image is amazing.

Crave said...

So glad to see the product of all your hard work! Of course all the equestrian photos are my favorites! Well done Michelle!

Paul Pincus said...

you're UNSTOPPABLE, michelle!!! i just went through the photographs. they're brilliant and elegant and touching. i'm in love with *daisy* : )

cheers, -p.p.

Mango Gal said...

These photos are amazing! Best wishes on your new endevour!

perfect bound said...

Really, truly amazing! Totally iconic .

Newburgh Restoration said...

Love that pic of Jackie O

Miss B. said...

Congrats this is a stellar project! I love that you shared your faves and how you would arrange them. The horses are amazing!

Anonymous said...


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