Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ciao J.K. Capri

Have you ever seen a space that made you want to immediately sell off everything you own and completely redecorate?! Well that was the exact reaction I had while touring the J.K. Capri. I woke up at 6AM on my last day in Italy and hopped on a bus headed to the Marina Grande where the J.K. overlooks the water and boats below. I wasn't sure if I'd have the same luck as I'd had in Florence, but was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by the kindest (and hottest) employee who told me to make myself at home and even offered me some coffee. Nothing could have prepared me for the absolute perfection I was about to see...

First stop: the staircase. Built by architect and interior designer Michele Bonan, this Asian inspired staircase literally makes me want to get married right now and buy a house just so I can rip out the existing balustrade and replace it with this one. Priceless. The painting is called Portrait of a Lady by Stanley Grimm, and I love how it's paired with the more modern frames and photography.

The reception area is built with the same concept as that of the J.K. Florence, where the space is designed to look nothing like a standard hotel guest check-in. The walls are covered by a thick woven seagrass and paired with white wood detailing and sconces. The look is simple and sophisticated, and call me crazy but I think it would be the perfect style for a nursery! Imagine seagrass walls, white wood accents and furniture, and splashes of pink here and there. (Ok my friend just found out she's pregnant so I've got nurseries on the brain;)

Another view of the reception area. Loving the wingback chair designed by Bonan.

Next we have the insanely beautiful library, complete with furniture designed by Bonan and vintage accent pillows. Framed photos of Sofia Loren and other famous guests of Capri are sprinkled throughout.

Guests can choose from an array of carefully selected design and lifestyle books to read in one of the many chic lounge areas. I think if I stayed here I would probably never even leave the hotel!

Moving on we have another spectacular room, the lounge, featuring rugs and pillows by Dedar and furniture designed by Bonan.

The lounge also features an early 20th century Chinese console and saturated blue walls, the color of Capri.

A conversation corner with a floor lamp designed by Bonan for Estro.

Next stop, the dining room. The same Asian inspired side chairs as seen in J.K. Florence can be found throughout. Bonan designed them for Chelini. I love the wide wood plank flooring that connects all the rooms so seamlessly.

The dining room features a nineteenth century marble fireplace from France, and chandeliers designed by Bonan for Estro. How cute are the silver starfish hanging from the sconces! The black-and-white photos of shells found throughout the space are by Christopher Draghi.

You know I love gallery walls :) This one is spectacular.

Here's a great shot to see how seamlessly the floor plan flows. If you look closely, you can see all the way into the library at the other end of the hotel. I also wanted to show you the neoclassical touches in the dining room and the late 19th century ceramic busts.

And there you have it. Hopefully you were all as inspired as me :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ciao J.K. Florence

Ever since the day I read about the boutique J.K. hotels on Style Court I have been absolutely obsessed with the idea of visiting. As luck would have it, I'm actually in Italy right now visiting Florence, Rome and Capri with my family! Although we couldn't afford to stay at J.K., I was completely determined to check it out and share it with you! So, this afternoon while my mom and sisters were viewing statues and paintings, I ventured out with a map and camera (and a giant ridiculous smile on my face) to Piazza Santa Maria Novella in search of J.K. Florence. I arrived at the doormat above and was buzzed in by a friendly employee named Patrick, to whom I shamelessly explained that I am head-over-heels in love with the hotel and would give anything to snoop around. He was kind enough to give me a tour. Here's what I found...

The entryway corridor leading to the reception library. (How gorgeous are those chairs!) The hotel's general manager Ori Kafri wanted to create a space that felt like home, as if his guests had always been there.

Opposite side of the hall

This is where guests check in! They can browse through hundreds of design, decorating and fashion books to take to their rooms, or read in one of the many chic lounge areas. An Eighties piece in tempera hangs above the Regency fireplace next to a lucite lamp.

Nineteenth century "men of letters" are represented in these plaster statues which were cast from an ancient collection.

This is the first of many lounge areas, which also has a gorgeous black bookcase filled with design titles.

A highlighted book selection under a soft pink chandelier. I love the eclectic yet highly calculated decor.

More sitting rooms and amazing books

Check out the architectural details! The hotel was designed by Florentine interior designer and architect Michele Bonan. I wish I could build a replica of this and move right on in...

Loving the flooring and color palette and artwork and flowers and furniture and doors and and and and ;)

Check out the reflection of the ceiling in this mirror!

This is the breakfast room, featuring a walnut table from the nineteenth century and Chinese style chairs designed by Michele Bonan, produced by Chelini.

I can't get enough of this built-in bar. Check out the nineteenth century copper lanterns reflected in the mirror! The space was originally an internal courtyard, which Bonan covered with a glass structure and added pietra serena flooring.

And there you have it. Isn't this place stunning?! As silly as this will definitely sound, I was honestly so awestruck that I was shaking a bit while taking it all in. I haven't been this inspired by a space since my domino days, and am so grateful that I was able to check it out in person. Hopefully on Friday I will have as much luck taking photos at the J.K. Capri, which looks like it could be even more spectacular! Can't wait to share my finds with you. Ciao bellas ;)

Monday, July 7, 2008


Photo: Vogue, March 2008 via Ruby PR. Floral swim cap available here :)

Photo: Cig Harvey via Absolutely Beautiful Things. (I don't think I could BE more obsessed with this photo)

One of my all-time favorite photos: Arthur Elgort for Vogue Living Of course this post wouldn't be complete without my favorite lady, Jackie O! This is a rare Jacques Lowe photo that's still available signed, numbered and framed! Now, does anybody have a spare ten grand that they'd like to give Rubie? (didn't think so;)

Image via Absolutely Beautiful Things