Monday, December 3, 2007

To faux or not to faux {The Barcelona Chair}

So I'm currently obsessed with the classic Knoll Barcelona chair and am THINKING about buying a reproduction! This mid century design masterpiece will set you back about $7000 with the matching ottoman, versus a mere $559 for its reproduction. What do you think? (By the way, the image above is from the CUTEST blog, Turquoise Chic!)

The reproduction piece above can be found at Designer Here's also a great article on the Knoll knock-off debate.


Turquoise Chic said...

You are so sweet! I am totally blushing right now :) I 100% believe that you should buy a reproduction Barcelona chair. I am equally obsessed with them and I think they will NEVER go out of style. You must get one and then post pictures! said...

Totally agree! And in this case, get the repro. Spend the other $6k on travel and books and other things. No one will know the difference - - except your accountant. :)

alis said...

Wow, great blog... If the difference was something like $200, I'd say get the real one because it would still have value if you wanted to sell it in the future, but $6000 is more than the profit you could ever make by selling it! If I were you, I'd totally get the knock-off.. Decorno is right, there is so much other things that can be done with that money..

Brilliant Asylum said...

I did not even know that there was a knock off of the Barcelona chair. Not to dis Mies van der Rohe, but I say do it.

Josh Hartlett said...

Ok guys, please help me. My aunt absolutely loves fancy furniture, the only problem is that it's so expensive! I want to get her this chair she wants so badly. It's called the Barcelona Chair, and personally it looks uncomfortable but people keep telling me it's the greatest piece of furniture ever made. They also tell me to get a reproduction or I will be paying thousands of dollars for one chair! Bottom line is that I came across this website that offers a Barcelona chair and ottoman for $665.00 on sale and that's the cheapest I have found them! Am I doing something wrong or are these things just really that expensive?

r.weston5 said...

I have obtained six Black leather Barcelona chairs; they were used in the reception area of an office and had been there for 2\3 years. Prior to that they had been in another office building in London and were reclaimed from there.
The chairs are in extremely good condition mainly because they are so robust.
They are fully clad in thick black leather, have thick leather straps for the supports and leather tags with push fasteners to fix the cushions to the frames.
The steel frames are extremely heavy and constructed with 31mm x 10mm steel strips. The filling for the cushions appears to be foam / sponge. I would guess that they are probably 20 years old - could be older. There are no visible manufacturers marks, stamps or tags anywhere, would anyone know where to look for manufactories marks or dates?

Barcelona Chair said...

Knoll first suggested a price range from US$4000-7000 but at present due to high reproduction the price converted into 3 digits. Nice lines on a useful topic. Keep on going with more such useful and fabulous stuff.

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