Thursday, November 8, 2007

Jackie Style

Photo: Robert Knudsen as seen in Jackie Style

During my trip to Boston a few weeks ago, I visited the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum where I learned all about Jackie's dressing room in the White House! If you look closely, you can see many famous family photos, as well as inaugural shots thumbtacked to the bulletin board. (click the image to enlarge) I was also pleased to see the leopard print throw! (Surprise, surprise.) For a similar throw, try The Pink Monogram. I was rather shocked to find the gorgeous chaise below at TARGET of all places! (yes, I'm serious.)
Check out the photo below! Jackie commissioned French artist Pierre-Marie Rudelle to create the painted trompe l' oeil doors in her White House dressing room. She described the items depicted on the doors as "my favorite things," which included her watercolor painting of the White House, daisies given to her by her sister, a portrait of Caroline Kennedy as an infant and more memorabilia from her life.
Inside of these doors is where Jackie stored her legendary wardrobe! Check out some of her most famous looks below.

Photo left: Corbis/SYGMA, as seen in Jackie Style. Right: Tory Burch "Kennedy Coat" available via ebay.
Photo left: Archive Photos, London Daily Express as seen in Jackie Style. Right: Coach Tattersall Coat.

Photo: Ron Galella as seen in Jackie Style.

Photo: John F. Kennedy Library, Boston as seen in Jackie Style.

Photo: Ron Galella as seen in Jackie Style.