Thursday, December 10, 2009

The December issue of Lonny has arrived!

After two months of anticipation we are so proud and excited to finally launch our December issue!! We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it :)

Photo: Miguel Flores-Vianna

Photo: Amanda Marsalis
Photo: Amanda Marsalis


Smitten Design said...

oh I can't wait to start reading!

Ashley @ pure and lovely said...

I'm so stinking excited! you rock! ;)

Maurenice said...

OMG....I am jumping up and down Michelle! I love love what I see so far! MUAHHHHHHHHHHH my girl!


otisandfrank said...

wonderful, as always, thank you!!! (now you must deserve a little break...maybe some a nice mulled wine and a good book, i'm reading everything by doris lessing right now:)

LindsB said...

Michelle another AMAZING magazine put together by you and your team- I can not wait to sit down with a glass (or bottle) of wine and go through the whole thing!! The day Lonny comes out may just be my new favorite day of the month :)

Angie said...

LOVED it!!! Esp the Mid Summer Outdoor Party!!!!!!

chelsea said...

Thank you!!!! You are doing an amazing job with the magazine. The photography, styling and layout are just fantastic and I think it's one of the few magazines I am excited about right now.

I would LOVE to someday see it in the format of a website instead of a flip book, which I find difficult to navigate. It would also be great to be able to link to particular stories (maybe you can and I just don't know how.)

Thanks again for taking the initiative to create such an amazing magazine!

Carol Johnson said...

I just read about Lonny in Vanity Fair over the weekend. As a marketing director for an interior design firm, I cannot tell you how refreshing this is. With all the recent shelters closing, my p.r. options kept on getting smaller. Now, a new door has opened. I thank you for being a risk taker and you can be sure you'll be getting emails from me with relevant story ideas for Lonny readers. Good luck Michelle!!!!

Mango Gal said...

I absolutely loved it! Beautiful images and so inspiring!

Is there a way to access the first issue? I want to start printing them out so that I can keep them for future reference. Please e-mail me if there is. E-mail is attached to my profile.

Unknown said...

Hooray! Thank you for letting us know. I swear I've been checking almost every day for the last week now! Love your blog btw :) Congrats on the new issue, can't wait to peruse!

the mouse said...

Ohmygosh it's stunning! Issue Two is even better than your First (is that possible?) Thank you for creating such a beautiful product... I can't stop reading!
+ + +

Anonymous said...

Wow. I think issue 2 is even better than the first. It is just blowing my mind.

Brown Button Trading said...

yippee, an early christmas present, I'm spoilt! xx

paula said...

It's brilliant! Love every detail. Thank you to you and your team.

Lisa said...

I anyone else having an issue with the images in the magazine not loading? At on about half of the pages I can just see the text on a red background :(

Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

Hurrah! Amazing, again!

My favorite piece is the one about J.Crew's Upper East Side store. I'll have to visit next time I'm in NYC.


SimplyGrove said...

Cant wait to read all of it tonight!!! xx

Unknown said...

It's absolutely fantastic and I am in awe of your hard work. What a great Christmas gift for all of us. Thank You !!!

Whitney English said...

LOVE! amazing!! bravo!

Suzy said...

Yay! Another great issue, congrats!

kellib. said...

yay! looks fantastic! your short hair looks great michelle! happy holidays!

Full House said... do I even begin to tell you how much I love Lonny. Honestly, my night has been made now after I have read through Decembers issue. It is jam packed with so much inspiration. I was dying over J. Crew in NY.

Thank you so very much!


the NEO-traditionalist said...

I really didn't think there was any possible way you could top the premier issue and yet, you've gone and done it! Amazing!!! Love the shots of J.Crew---one of my favorite shops on earth. Posted it on the NEO-trad this morning!

Ivy Lane said...

Great issue Michelle!! I loved the story on J. Crew... what a gorgeous interior space! I would love to work there everyday amoungst all those pretties!!

Katherine Lee said...

it was a great issue my dear! i'm so proud of you, and hope all is well in NYC!

xo katherine aka. urbanflea

julie said...

LOVE Lonny! LOVE the gold lame Kate Spade wall pic. LOVE everything really. Hope one day Lonny will be a real mag I can hold in my hands and read??

Tobi Fairley said...

love, love, love the new issue. It is fantastic, gorgeous, stunning...I could go on and on! I know you are SO swamped but email me when you have time. I want to talk about your fabrics. xo Tobi

Porchlight Interiors said...

Another fabulous issue Michelle...loved it (especially all the Paris bits since we will be there next month)! Tracey xx

The Goods Design said...

Love it SO much I'm blogging about it today!

stewart and james said...

<3 <3 <3

i used to wonder what tweens were doing - those are hearts, ya know.


Laura Casey Interiors said...

hi Michellle- It's fabulous and my favorite read! Can't wait to the next one!

Deane and McLoughlin said...

I absolutely love the mag! It is so fresh and new! I'm just dying to get my hands on some glossy pages though.
As convenient and cheap as it is to be able to access it online - I sit on a computer all day and would love to be able to curl up with the beautiful pages away from the dreaded laptop.
Otherwise beyond fabulous! Congratulations!

Loretta Flower said...

Girl, you killed it again. STUNNING.

Is there a way to view the first issue for those of us who remembered things we wanted to print?

prashant said...

wonderful, as always, thank you!!!

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Oliveaux said...

So excited I can hardly contain it! Such a beautiful edition.....congrats! Ax

Cashon&Co said...

i am dying over that black & white striped bathroom. great look.

Ms. Spinach said...

*I* am dying over your black bow top on the editors letter. Where is it from?

Kelly Green said...

Hey Michelle, fantastic mag! You and Pat are one great team. A fabulous read once again! love it!

kanishk said...

I would LOVE to someday see it in the format of a website instead of a flip book.

Wagyu Steaks

CDS said...

oh it looks so fantastic! hoorah!!

Unknown said...

BIG fan...your blog, Rubie Green, amaze me!

Unknown said...

Hi Michelle,

Are you or any of your staff attending Maison et Objet? We are putting together a meet & greet for a group of international design bloggers and new media who are in town for the show. We are working with show management to try to legitimize bloggers as "press" to allow increased access for us at future venues. If you are going to be in Paris we would love to have you attend. Please contact me at if you are interested.

Jackie Von Tobel

Anonymous said...


L A M A R T I N É said...


The Goods Design said...

Thank you thank you for bringing us Lonny!

Boracay beach resort said...

I love the prints of these wall papers, very beautifully designed.

House plans said...

I love the colors and the print patterns of the wall prints. It’s gorgeous to looks at.

Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said...

Michelle, where have you been? I suspect working hard on Rubie Green and the next Lonny. Missing your blog posts. Hope you had a great holiday!


pve design said...

pop over to see my give-away today -
I am ready for a new Lonny!

paula said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
charles yehuda said...

the kids look fantastic. everyone looks so happy.....!

prashant said...

I can't wait to start reading!
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Victoria said...

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