Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Introducing: Lonny magazine

Deborah Needleman's garden as photographed by Patrick Cline for Lonny magazine

After four months of meetings, photo shoots, styling, web programming and endless amounts of editing, we couldn't be more proud to finally share Lonny with you! When Pat and I came up with this idea last June (admittedly while at favorite!), we weren't sure if we could realistically pull it off since we literally didn't have a penny to spend on its execution. But the next day when I started calling my old domino buddies and spreading the word, Pat and I were absolutely floored by our response. Within a matter of weeks we had managed to get everything from the film to the writing donated by people who believed in what we were trying to achieve. (We even borrowed my parent's car so we'd have one for our photo shoots!) So while we definitely realize there's room for improvement ("get the look" pages would be great, "similar-to" sources, etc) our team is filled with pride and excitement as we share our premiere issue with you. We want to sincerely thank the blogging community for helping us spread the word to make this possible.

When you visit the mag, be sure to first allow the issue to load, and then take a moment to familiarize yourself with the toolbar options. The fullscreen mode is the easiest for viewing, and you'll find that you can zoom in pretty darn close to take a peek into our pages! Please let us know your thoughts, as we're looking forward to growing with you. ;)

Kate Simpson's pup Kingston! Pretty sure I want to steal him and the chair he's sitting on...

This is one of my favorite shots from the mag, Kate's powder room!

Eddie Ross's stunning dining room. Be sure to check his Etsy shop where he sells many of the items found in this photo!

A tailored and sexy bedroom designed by my good friend Ron Marvin

Loving Kate's living room bookshelves

Another favorite shot from Ron Marvin's story

Beautifully styled shelving in Eddie's master bathroom. Eddie found the shelf on the street, and filled it with treasures from the flea market (along with oh-so-functional necessities such as cotton balls and q-tips;)

Another favorite- Eddie's bedroom. The bag is vintage Saks that Eddie found for a whopping $7!

Priceless, and such a great example of Eddie's talented eye

Grace Bonney's beautiful new headboard! Pat and I had such a great time shooting her home- she couldn't be more down to earth and fun :)

Grace's closet and her beautiful Opening Ceremony coat

Another one of my favorite photos- Deborah Needleman's incredibly peaceful backyard and pool

Lovely shot of tomatoes in Deborah's garden. She and her kids pick fresh vegetables each night to make dinner in their Garrison, NY home.

A cozy seating area next to Deborah's front door

Loving this bedroom designed by Leonora Mahle! The colors are soothing and I like that she chose eco-friendly ducduc furniture

Pookie!! Carolina Irving's faithful companion ;)

Love the pattern on pattern in Carolina's living room

And finally an artist at work, Carolina's paints and color swatches for designing her textiles

Now quit looking at these and go check out the mag!! ;) Hope you have as much fun reading it as we did creating it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lonny magazine in Women's Wear Daily!

WOW! I am so proud to announce that our little grassroots project has been picked up by Women's Wear Daily, both in print and online! THANK YOU WWD!! I'm also excited because I get to share another sneak peek Lonny photo with you of Deborah Needleman in her Garrison, NY garden! Deborah has always fascinated me because she's simultaneously one of the most innately talented and genuinely kind people I've ever known. We're excited to share her full story with you on our October 1st launch.

Deborah Needleman as photographed by Patrick Cline for Lonny magazine

Friday, September 18, 2009

More Lonny love!

One for Patrick and one for me ;) Thanks again guys. We cannot wait...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lonny mag update!

So it seems the press got a hold of our temporary mock-up cover (err, oops!) so I figured it's probably time to go ahead and give you a sneak peek of the real one! For the past few months we've been working with our wildly talented team: writer Shawn Gauthier, illustrator Caitlin McGauley and graphic designer Michelle Roque, to bring you nearly 200 pages of original content this fall. Our features include Deborah Needleman, (amazing...just you wait...!) Carolina Irving, Eddie Ross and more of your favorites! (Don't want to spoil it ALL now!) We're excited to hear your feedback on our October 1st launch.

Lonny mag on AOL's ShelterPop!

As we're inching closer to our October 1st launch, Pat and I are continually floored by the Lonny magazine articles popping up online, as well as the supportive posts from bloggers like you! We cannot thank you enough for your help spreading the word, and we couldn't be more excited to share our premiere issue with you in a mere fifteen days! In the meantime, be sure to visit ShelterPop to learn more about our upcoming features, and thanks again ;)

Rubie Green in Boho + Modern Bride!

Thanks Boho and Modern Bride!

Friday, September 4, 2009

How clever!

Last night while I was working on a design project, I stumbled across this at the Pottery Barn! It's a little frame raiser that allows certain frames to protrude from the wall for easy layering when creating a gallery wall. (Notice above the 5 and the 9) How clever!