Monday, January 28, 2008

{Current Obsession}

Yesterday I explored Williamsburg, Brooklyn with a friend and stumbled across this quail egg necklace by Stephanie Simek that I can't stop thinking about! I admit, it's much different than the chunky enamel pieces I usually crave, but there's something that's just so feminine and irresistible about a delicate egg dipped in gold. Simek coated the interior with 23K gold leaf and the exterior with several layers of epoxy resin for strength. It hangs from an 18" 14K gold chain and each necklace will vary in color and shape since they're made from real quail eggs. (And I want one;)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Home sweet home

So I'm finally posting pictures of my new apartment! I've been going crazy for the past few weeks trying to figure out how to make the most of my space. (You'd be surprised what's hiding behind closet doors, under tables and my bed!) I think I'm finally satisfied! I hope you like it too :)
It's the $35 Global Table tray! Yes, I ended up buying it. The Iomoi matches are literally all over my apartment. I love how they provide a little pop of color and pattern in unexpected places. The American flag makes me happy too. I found it at the Chelsea flea market for $10 last summer.

So I ordered the Sapien Bookcase from DWR and it just arrived yesterday! It's great since it doesn't take up too much space, but provides serious storage for tons of heavy books. Little did I know when I ordered mine, that West Elm just came out with an amazing (cheaper) knock-off.

Since I had this strange nook to work with, I had to make my desk fit, as I didn't want the focal point of my living room to be my TV! (not ok) So, under the linen slipcover is a West Elm Chunky Parsons Console, under which I store my printer, office supplies, external hard drive, and all the other office uglies. The nook is raised a bit, so I'm saving up for the DWR Marais Stool (in yellow) for when I need to sit and work. Otherwise, I just unplug my laptop and work on my coffee table.

Not sure how well you can see it, but the vintage map of Paris is something I treasure. I found it for a mere $15 at a flea market in Michigan and recently had it framed. It's amazing how much a frame can change the way something looks! I patted myself on the back when I saw similar maps selling for hundreds of dollars at a Madison Avenue design shop last week.

This is my kitchen! Haha- it's a good thing I don't cook. The mirror above my bed is another favorite flea market find! I scored this beauty for $20 at the Chelsea flea market, and painted it black. It literally works everywhere.

The front door is, as you know, behind my shoe rack! It sort of stinks to have my bedroom so close to the main entrance, but I opted to use the larger space as my living room so I could entertain.
And there you have it! (and another view of my kitchen- haha) Now I just need some visitors...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I heart chunky necklaces

Photo: Jim Franco for Blueprint, January 2008. Large necklace from Dinosaur Designs

I've never really been into "fine jewelry" (the only thing I want from Tiffany's is a rock;) but I'm a total sucker for oversized costume jewelry! Here are some of my current favorites in the necklace department.

J. Crew Bubble NecklaceJ. Crew Beaded Paisley Necklace (available in April)

Banana Republic Coral Cabochon Bib Necklace

Forever 21 Faceted Bead Necklace (only $7.80!)

And of course the classic Kenneth Jay Lane Coral Branch Necklace, as seen below in Kate Spade's ad campaign.

Storage and the City

Photo: Francois Dischinger for Domino, April 2006

My recent move to a tiny apartment has forced me to be...clever...about where I store my belongings! While flipping through some inspiration tear sheets, I came across this wire shoe rack from Lowes (above and below) and love how it highlights the shoe, rather than hiding it in plastic or canvas over-the-door pockets! The only problem was that my little prewar apartment has narrow doors, making the front door the only one wide enough to support my recent purchase. So, very unlike myself, I put function before design (what?!) and hung the sucker on my front door! Please tell me if you think it's insanely terrible looking (haha). (And PS, I realize the mirror is too large in scale for the space it's in...and I'm working on it;)
Photo: James Merrell for Domino, March 2007

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Indigo Seas & The Grand Tour

Photos: King Au and Edmund Barr for Country Home, June 2004

Although I've never had the chance to visit, I've had my eye on L.A. based shop Indigo Seas since 2004 when Traditional Home and Country Home ran these colorful features above and below. The shop carries anything from vintage florals to turn-of-the-century French antiques and Moroccan lanterns. As is turns out, while doing some research for this post I realized that many of you fellow bloggers are also fascinated with Indigo Seas, as well as shop owner/decorator, Lynn von Kersting. So, I thought I'd direct you to some postings on All The Best, Mrs. Blandings and Style Court, where you can see some of von Kersting's interiors, as well as a copy of her book, La Strada della Dolce Vita!

Photos: Dominique Vorillon for Traditional Home, May 2004

I was recently reminded of Indigo Seas when one of my favorite bloggers, Turquoise Chic, blogged about an amazing store she visited in Scottsdale, Arizona called The Grand Tour. The shop looks strikingly similar- so similar, in fact, that I'm wondering if this is another of von Kersting's stores? Check out the images below from Turquoise Chic.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Granny style

Photos: Melanie Acevedo

During my move I discovered a ton of magazines that I forgot I owned (!) and am SO excited to share these images with you from the Dec/Jan 2005 issue of Elle Decor! Designer Steven Sclaroff designed this home for Camilla and Carl Sorenson, (co-owner of Nanz hardware) by looking to the past for inspiration. The article raised a fascinating point that "when quizzed about style in general, it's remarkable how many women (and even men) cite their grandmothers as pinnacles of domestic chic, recalling a time when people went all out with those things so often left aside today: curtains, rugs, perfume, bric-a-brac." Sclaroff's marriage of granny and modern day style resulted in a timeless look (complete with warm & fuzzy feelings associated with grandma ;)

(I can't get enough of the entryway wallpaper! It reminds me of the paper on my blog banner:)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New apartment update

Hello everyone! For the past few weeks I've been out of town and also moving into my new apartment! Hopefully the blogging will pick back up now that I'm fully moved in. (Thanks for being patient:) I'm not quite ready to post the entire apt, but I thought I'd show you my new CB2 Peekaboo side table that I scored at the Crate and Barrel outlet for $40! I've been eying it for years but haven't wanted to pay full price (thank God for outlets)! I'll be sure to post more when it's all done :)