Sunday, January 20, 2008

Indigo Seas & The Grand Tour

Photos: King Au and Edmund Barr for Country Home, June 2004

Although I've never had the chance to visit, I've had my eye on L.A. based shop Indigo Seas since 2004 when Traditional Home and Country Home ran these colorful features above and below. The shop carries anything from vintage florals to turn-of-the-century French antiques and Moroccan lanterns. As is turns out, while doing some research for this post I realized that many of you fellow bloggers are also fascinated with Indigo Seas, as well as shop owner/decorator, Lynn von Kersting. So, I thought I'd direct you to some postings on All The Best, Mrs. Blandings and Style Court, where you can see some of von Kersting's interiors, as well as a copy of her book, La Strada della Dolce Vita!

Photos: Dominique Vorillon for Traditional Home, May 2004

I was recently reminded of Indigo Seas when one of my favorite bloggers, Turquoise Chic, blogged about an amazing store she visited in Scottsdale, Arizona called The Grand Tour. The shop looks strikingly similar- so similar, in fact, that I'm wondering if this is another of von Kersting's stores? Check out the images below from Turquoise Chic.


Pigtown*Design said...

wow! these are great... i may have to find a reason to go back to scottsdale!

Anna Spiro said...

I went to Indigo Seas when I was in LA a couple of years ago - I bought some beautiful fabric and I could have stayed for days in that beautiful shop! I went to go back there on my last day to get a few things I couldn't stop thinking about but they were closed! I am definately going to go back there when I am next in L.A. Lovely post thanks for sharing such great shots of this beautiful shop!

Style Court said...

Thanks for the mention! The Grand Tour is similar :) Good observation.

ALL THE BEST said...

Oh I soooo want to go! It looks amazing! Thanks for the link to my blog.
All best,

Decorno said...

Oh, I love Indigo Seas.

I am glad you posted about this... I think I am overdue for a shopping trip to LA.

Sam Suttie said...

Oh wow! what an amazing place!!! All that colour, very excitiing :)
PS: I have listed you under inspiational blogs on my blog :)

MABELLE said...

Perhaps we should all take a trip out there ;) Haha- I'm sure we'd be fighting over the best purchases. How fun would it be to organize a group flea marketing trip?! Just a thought...

Nunu- thank you so much for the add! You are too sweet. If you haven't noticed, I've been VERY behind on my blogging since Christmas (which I will explain in the next few days;) so I will definitely add yours too because I think it's wonderful.

Thanks all! You make my day :)

kelleyp said...

Just Indigo seas is owned by Lynn the other is a local scottsdale owner of The Grand Tour. I live in Scottsdale and said the same thing to the owner-looks very similar to indigo seas. obviously that is the look she wants. but please do come to scottsdale and shop. Would love to have you visit.

Alkemie said...

Oh WOW the stores look AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

wow-the owner of this wannabe indigo seas store absolutely ripped off lynn von kersting's store down to the last detail-notice the pricetags. too bad there will never be another indigo. nice try, grand tour. how about some originality of your own?

Anonymous said...

I have had the pleasure of visiting both of these gorgeous stores. While it's clear that Indigo Seas was their inspiration, Grand Tour deserves kudos for their equally exquisite and authentic collections. I could never put color together the way these two women do.

New York Hotel said...

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Unknown said...


Thanks for this lovely piece on Indigo! Just wanted to let you know that the shop is now on Instagram! Our handle is @IndigoSeasShop :)

Kind regards,

Indigo Seas

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