Friday, February 1, 2008

Oversized Florals & Granny Chic

2004 catalog

Nobody understands these things quite like Cath Kidston. Her nostalgic florals are sophisticated yet non-pretentious, and vintage yet somehow modern. The art direction and photography in her catalogs is so spot-on that they read like coffee table books and tell a story rather than sell a product. I've been collecting them for years and thought I'd share some of my favorite images with you, as well as a couple from her books. You can also order your own catalog and it will be shipped to you from England for free ;)

Photo: Pia Tryde for Cath Kidston in Print

Photo: Pia Tryde for Cath Kidston Tips for Vintage Style

This is Cath's dog Stanley! He's a Lakeland Terrier.

Autumn/Winter 2004 catalog

2003 catalog

2003 catalog

2003 catalog


Pigtown-Design said...

I've LOVED Cath Kidston for years! She's great.

beth said...

I love Cath Kidston too but have only managed to buy one piece of her fabric - Antique Roses in pink. I also loved your post on Indigo Seas which I'd love to visit.Your apartment is lovely - I'm so envious that you don't cook :)

Jennifer Ramos said...

Had never heard of Cath Kidston, so thanks for introducing to us! I love the top bag....would be a cute gym bag.

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

perfect bound said...

I keep Anthropologie catalogs for way too long as well! I love that stack of comfy blankets. Perfect for February.

Ashley L. said...

oooh i'm totally ordering one! :)

MABELLE said...

Thanks all! I've been a terrible blogger lately, so I apologize :)

Beth, thank you for your comments on my apt and Indigo seas! I really do wish I could cook though, since I'm forced to eat out all the time (which is BAD news!)

Jen, I'm so glad I could introduce you to Cath! You should really order her catalog. The photography is always amazing, and her products will make you happy :)

Perfect Bound- I did the same thing with Anthropologie and finally got rid of lots of them when I moved :( They're great though, and always make me want to travel!

Paul Pincus said...

I love Cath's funny seeing those polka-dots in your Fishs Eddy post...because I seem to remember C.K. featuring polka-dotted chargers, tea cups, etc., awhile ago!?

PS My friend Amy G. is loves your blog too!

MABELLE said...

Thank you so much Paul! (And Amy:) It's so great to know that people are actually checking it out! This blog has been so much fun to create and I'm so glad I can share my finds with wonderful people like you :)

Topsy Turvy said...

Love that car seat cover! Lana

Anonymous said...

I had the honor to meet Cath in her studio in Notting Hill. I was purchasing her line for my store in Chicago and was allowed in 2002 to go to her studio to do my ordering. She was a friendly quirky perfectly English lady. Of course, they offered us tea and Stanley (her dog) was running around the shop. He was muddy from a typical English day but no one seemed to notice. It is a wonderful memory that I hold dear.

MABELLE said...

WOW!! What a neat experience! She seems so genuine and down to earth. And how cool that you got to see Stanley in person as well!! He's SO CUTE I can hardly stand it! Wow. Thanks so much for sharing :)

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