Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lucky Giveaway-A-Day

With the economy in the crapper, it's nice to see that so many designers are actively donating products to give away! In a previous post I mentioned the Bright Side Project, which is dedicated to reminding people to look on the bright side during these tough economic times, and is in turn giving away art or designer goodies every day this month! So I was excited when my friend Lisa from Lucky magazine recently told me about their similar Giveaway-A-Day sweepstakes that's also happening this month! I'm usually not really the sweepstakes kind of gal, but this one looks so easy and there's so many prizes (click here to see the prize calendar) that I figured oh what the heck. (And I've got my eye on the goodies above ;)


ALL THE BEST said...

Thanks for the tip!

simply seleta said...

What a great thing. And thanks for sharing. I'm loving that purse.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up!
LOVING the big bag- ive had my eye on a marc jacobs hobo bag for a while now- im wondering how long before i just bite the bullet and splurged!!!


Melkorka said...

ooh thanks for reminding me!

Anonymous said...

I was about to put my name on the sweepstakes, when by curiosity went to check on the rules if only people in the US were eligible.

What a surprise! Yes.

I cannot understand why magazines gladly export their issues to foreign countries, make good money out of it, have subscribers like myself located in Europe, and then, when it's time to give away prizes, these readers are instantly put aside.

Tip for Lucky an other magazines with the same policies:

Don't snob your readers, specially in the credit crunch, and also, if only US residents are allowed to enter, be considerate enough to remove other countries from the drop-down menu!

Anna O'Reilly said...

Awesome, thanks for posting!

AshleyL. said...

The goodies above have now caught my eye... looks like i'll have to check this out! :)

Anonymous said...


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