Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall has arrived at Rubie Green!

WOW, am I ever excited for the big reveal! We've created 6 new prints and have a boatload of A M A Z I N G photography thanks to our good friend Patrick Cline ;) We're also working on our very first lookbook, which we're hoping to launch next week so stay tuned, as well as a line of bedding which is currently in production (wahoo!) and scheduled to debut in winter 2009. In the meantime, please enjoy a few sneak peeks and inspiration stories from our latest collection.

Unlike our spring photography, this collection was shot entirely in New York City in some of our favorite hangout spots! I like to go running in Central Park every morning, so most of these shots were conceptualized along the way.

Our insanely beautiful model is actually my good friend Mandi Tumblison, who I've known since middle school. We were on the same field hockey team, and even took our very first interior design class together! Mandi's look is absolutely timeless, and my hope is that she will be discovered by an agency (hint, hint;) We were rather worried our crew was going to fall in the water here, as we had some heavy equipment on the boat and not the most talented rower... (ME!) It was also blazing hot that day, and I made poor Mandi row around in a trench coat! Good times.

This is one of my new prints called Indian Lake, and it was actually drawn by my little sister Megan while we were flying back from Italy this summer! She drew it on hour 5 of our looong flight, and I immediately loved how sketchy it was and knew it had to be thrown into a half drop print! Megan is ridiculously talented (she also designed my 'Megan' pineapple print!) and I hope to be lucky enough to hire her when she graduates :) The name 'Indian Lake' comes from our family's summer getaway spot in Michigan where my grandparents own a small cottage and a boat :)

Another favorite spot in the city is the Union Square farmers market! Autumn is the best time to visit because as you can see, it's full of the richest colors and tastiest treats. It's nearly impossible to get off the subway and not pick something up along the way.

(Like really Patrick? You're amazing!)

How cool is this! We didn't do any styling here- I just saw it and screamed "SIT!" and voila :)

Finally we have one of my favorite prints ever! Those of you who frequent my blog probably know that I have a slight obsession with leopard prints, and a theory that they can be paired with anything. So I decided that such a classic print should be given a classic name, like Jackie. Mrs. Kennedy was also a fan of leopard, as seen in her White House dressing room below.

Photo: Robert Knudsen as seen in Jackie Style
Be sure to check out the Rubie Green site to see all of our new prints, and I'll let you all know when the lookbook is completed! I'll also be posting more inspiration stories so you know where the designs came from, but for now it's time for bed. :)


Ursie B said...

Soooo exciting. I LOVE Habibi and's so fun to see the line expand! Can't wait to see the look book.

Ivy Lane said...

Okay... I am a MORON~ I did not know you were the owner of Rubie Green!!! I LOVE all the fabrics~ My favs are the Mary, Jackie and Megan! Great website!

I am sure that "Jackie" is going to be a HIT! Best Wishes!

Paul Pincus said...

i think it's brilliant to use someone you're close with in your advertising campaign!

the images are fantastic. she's gorgeous. that hair. those eyes! stunning.

love the jackie print. indian lake is perfection.

can't wait for your line of bedding!

Pink Wallpaper said...

i can't wait to see them all!! your photographer does an amazing job!! btw, your friend is beautiful...she should be discovered!

Courtney said...

ADORE the new collection! And the images. What an exciting time for you....and bedding - how perfect!

LindsB said...

wow, I just love the new patterns, they are so beautiful! The updated site is also wonderful, I love how you capture the beauty of the fabrics...and the model, omg she is stunning!

Porchlight Interiors said...

Love it all! Such gorgeous styling and model too! Can't wait for Amanda to show us the samples when they arrive! Love the Jackie print! Tracey x

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh I'm in love. Everything is perfect. The prints, the model, the photos. Amazing! I'm so excited to hear about the bedding. I'm on the search for a new comforter and have yet to find anything. Now you are coming to the rescue!

Adore the leopard print. I like you am a huge fan of animal print. I think that if done correctly it can be used be classic and chic.

Suzy said...

How exciting!! The new pics look amazing!

SimplyGrove said...

WOW!! Amazing! So amazing! Your new collection is lovely:)

MABELLE said...

Thanks everybody!! :) I'm so glad you like it, and as usual am blown away by your support :)

Style Court said...

The concept is just great Michelle and your pictures keep getting more striking. Wonderful new offerings.

Mango Gal said...

I love the pictures! They look fantastic.

Kimberlee said...

How exciting Michelle - congratulations!! His photography work is just absolutely beautiful. Love the new prints, off to the Rubie Green website to see more (might do a post on it on my blog if that's ok??) - and a bedding range? - bring it on lady, yay! xxx

Anonymous said...

OMG, I live on Indian Lake! and your fabrics are my new obsession. I'm about to start re-decorating my 1 year old daughter's new the Indian Lake print is DEFINITELY in the running for the cushion on her desk chair.
thank you!

MABELLE said...

Wow! Oh my gosh, what a small world! My grandparents are James and Marilyn Adams, and my grandpa used to be the minister at the Church of the Nazarene. Do you happen to know them? I'm so flattered that you found my blog and are considering my fabrics :)

Christina said...

The new fall collection is AMAZING! The photo where she is sitting on the pile of bags of potatos is Dermot's friend's stand at the farmer's market... haha! Crazy! Keep up the wonderful work! xo

Anonymous said...

Nope, we don't know them; but I'm sure they're precious. Keep up the good work!

Sally said...

Oh, I am so excited... I was just wishing you had a line of bedding!! I could purchase the fabric and sew some myself but honestly, I'm kind of lazy:)

Beautiful images, too!! Love following your blog...

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

Thanks SO much for stopping by my blog today---it's my pleasure to gab about Rubie Green to anyone who will listen. I think your mission of bringing to the market products that are both stylish AND sustainable is so important...

Feel free to
check out that Bergere
I mentioned on Eddie's blog...I've been in love with your East Village print for ages and was so pleased to score a piece that was worthy of some Rubie Green fabric...though looking at these beautiful new patterns, it looks like I'll have to do even more shopping in the future :)

Keep up the great and gorgeous work!

Anne @ The City Sage

songofstyle said...

I absolutely love the pictures!!!
Your friend, model is so gorgeous.
The colors of your pictures are also super gorgeous!!!
Thank you for sharing them with us! <3

Jen said...

I love your Patsy in blue fabric. I hope that you don't mind me putting a link to your site on my blog, for the moment I am being a Mom living through you. (I love New York and I love both Fashion and Interior Design especially in it's ageless beauty, and you do great at finding it, keep up the good work.)

MABELLE said...

Thanks again everybody! And Jen, that is so sweet of you to say! It's people like you who make this so much fun :)

Emma @ White and Wander said...

Beautiful photos - how exciting for you xxx

Brittany Rayne said...

Hi Michelle! I was at The SADA meeting last night. It was great to hear about your company and your success. On your suggestion, I started a fashion/textiles/inspiration blog today, and I just wanted to say hi!

Thanks for the advice.


ALL THE BEST said...

I LOVE the Jackie fabric!! So pretty!!!

natalie blair said...

i absolutely love 'habibi' ... but all the whole collection is stunning. the photos are fabulous and vibrant and lovely. i can't wait for the lookbook.

With a Flourish said...

Just found my way here via The Scoop & had to comment... the photos are gorgeous - LOVE that you used an old friend (who happens to be gorgeous herself! I want that hair!) for the shots... the personal connection really shines through. Congrats on all the exciting news... I now have a new daily blog to stop by! :)

Joanna Goddard said...

these are STUNNING! i love her red hair. congratulations :)

Paloma said...

Gorgeous pictures and fabrics! I love, love, love the campaign.

Anonymous said...

so I just discovered that you are rubie green! crazy awesome! I remember when domino {my second love} featured your ever-so chic patterns!!!! I am a graphic designer in charleston, sc. heart your blog! ciao, ciao.
p.s. oh + I do sleep, just have insomnia at the moment!

Sarah said...

Congrats -- just saw your little sister's lovely pineapple fabric featured in the December '08 issue of House Beautiful: I really like the Habibi print, too.

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