Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Decorating a la Ms. Bradshaw

Photo via Zimbio

With only nine days left until the release of the Sex and the City Movie, I couldn't help but watch some old episodes!!

Photo via HBO

While taking a closer look at the interiors of Carrie's apartment, I noticed that she appears to have reupholstered her bench in Peter Dunham's classic Fig Leaf!

Photo via Style Court

The decor in Carrie's apartment was meticulously selected by Production Designer Jeremy Conway. In an HBO article, he explains "We realized that what Carrie has in her apartment is not what she's all about. She's not a decorator, but there's definitely a sense of style in the way she's put things together." The walls are a soft shade of celery green washed with a lavender iridescent glaze.

Photo via HBO

Conway found many of the pieces in Carrie's apartment in local New York flea markets and thrift stores! He wanted to achieve a "lived in" look, and didn't want her apartment to be perfectly neat and tidy since, after all, "We know that Carrie would have some deadline or date to meet. She doesn't have the time to neatly arrange her products or stack her shoes in the closet. She's more of a 'Leave 'em where they fall' kind of woman. It's what we like to call organized chaos."

Photo via HBO

Photo via Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell

Carrie always had a Diptyque "Baies" candle near her bedside (as seen above in my blurry photo!)

Photo via Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell


In(side) the Loop said...

that closet makes me swoon! Great pics and can't wait to see the movie.

Pigtown-Design said...

can you imagine how much that NYC apt. cost!!!

Marie Louise said...

Great post! Funny how her bedroom looks so familiar, like it belongs to a friend and we've hung out there complaining about men and our jobs.

Suzy said...

I so can't wait for the movie to be released...I think you've inspired me to re-watch some old episodes too!

ellastica said...

utilizing the space above the heater by putting a shelf there was genius.
functional and aesthetically pleasing!
i like the beachy, informal feel of her apartment. ironic how the unkept look is the hardest to get right.

Jennifer Ramos said...

LOVING carries apt.. and cant wait to catch the MOVIE!!

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

Robin said...

I always loved her apartment, although I would keep it a bit neater....

Louisa said...

Love the closet! Am looking forward to the movie.

I have seen that rug in the bedroom somewhere....but can't remember where!! Anyone??

alis said...

What a cool post! I had read somewhere that they always put that month's fashion magazines in her apatment, to keep it up to date.